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dimanche 27 juin 2010

The Latest Wireless G-Phones

The latest to join the many treats are WiFi cell phones by Linksys with which VoIP calls can be made over Wireless –G networks.

Expected to retail at US$ 220- US$ 370 the phones have a user interface that can be configured to function using available wireless-G networks.


• You can access your VoIP service, check mail, and view videos as the built in browser of WIP 330 will find and access the World Wide Web.The 330 is sleek just 1.84 x 5.32x0.74 and weighs 4.2oz. It comes with a pixel color screen, numeric key pad, soft keys and a 4-way navigation pad.

The WIP330 has:
o SIP v2 standards.
o Compliance with IEEE 802.11 b/g standards.
o QoS, support for quality of service.
o Enhanced power savings.
o Quick Hotspot authentication.
o The use of HTTP for configuration and upgrades.

• If you choose to use WIP 300 then the connection to Wireless G is through a Linsky router.

Another giant in communications Toshiba has launched two VoIP phones the Hitachi IP50000, Spectra Link 6020, and a wireless PDA. The IP5000 will function on 802.11b Toshiba network and the Spectralink on private wireless networks. These are just two among many choices.

A wireless G phone presents many options: phone calls, web based e-mail and videos, three-way conference calls, call on hold, and a register for incoming calls. VoIP providers like Vonage give priority to the consumer need and facilities come at no extra charge making VoIP an affordable and attractive proposition.

To function G-phones require a broadband connection, a router, or a DHCP server, and an activated VoIP service. The WIP330 is a leader in its niche and it supports WEP encryption and WPS_PSK wireless security.

The radio is designed for use in cellular handsets and has enhanced filtering and a trans-receiver with a power amplifier.

The color interface has great graphics and the menu gives phone status, wireless signal strength, battery level, time and date as well as the handsets phone number. The “settings” screen can be accessed by a button on the navigation pad.

The phone has all a mobile user looks for: vibration mode, ring tones, phone book as well as log. It will allow instant communication at low costs and is declared to be the trend setter of the future.

For the latest information log on to: http://www.linksys.com/ ; http://www.wi-fiplanet.com/ ; and http://voipspeak.net/ among the many sites on the World Wide Web dedicated to technology advancements. An in depth analysis of the phones can be found at: http://www.tomsnetworking.com/2005/11/08/linksys_wip330_wireless/ .

Before rushing out to buy a phone take a minute to learn all you can about it and its uses. Benefit as much as you can from the advances of technology.

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