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dimanche 27 juin 2010

Call Free Voip, Free Calls To Usa Canada

icall is launching its version 7 with new and upgraded features, designed to enter the war of multi-messengers world. As it is totally redesigned and upgraded with new features, so in this version it will not only concentrate on telephone calls but also offer text and video voice services, with typical and most important messaging services that currently exist. icall 7 beta version is designed as per the users compatibility and comfort. As the people use different different chat and calling programs, that is why icall designed its beta version in this way that it will support the all chat and Voip calling programs. This feature to support multiple chat program is named as multi-protocol chat.

The messaging services supported are as follows:

-> AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
-> Yahoo! Instant Messenger
-> Microsoft MSN Instant Messenger
-> ICQ Instant Messenger
-> Facebook Chat
-> Google Talk
-> Jabber / XMPP

Use the icall Free Voip service and make Free Voip Calls to USA and Canada. It provide totally free calls to these countries from few months. It allow voip calls to anywhere in the world, now you should not worry to talk with anybody, anywhere, with any operating system. Now icall 7 beta version support Mac, Linux and windows operating system. Its all function will be accessible in these operating system.

I must say that this version 7, does not have service included Google talk nor the Jabber, perhaps because it is in beta, and before downloading warn us about this situation, mentioning that still has some errors and request to users who wish to use this platform in beta, report all sorts of problems to address them promptly. We have tested and works correctly, only my facebook account did not register, wanting to close the application, mark me an error and sends a report to the solution of problems of windows, the characteristics of its functions to chat are the minimum but effective, does not have many icons of state, supports the function of sending and receiving files. In itself, its design is simple and functional, perhaps too minimalist, but functional, let us note that it is a beta. If you have problems in login in your account, go to the home page and click iCall on the tab that says MY ACCOUNT, now jump (Logout) and then try the implementation as well as be able to. This applies to old and new accounts.

Important notice from icall:
icall beta version contain bugs (virus) and has incomplete access to its feature. So download this version only for experimental purpose, and help icall to find out bugs and give your suggestion for the improvement in the feature or to add new feature. If you wish to have the application you can download it from this link icall Free Voip.

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  1. Guess I'll wait until the final version comes out. (and you didn't provide the download link)